Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cultural Photography

This idea started from a TV show. The show was about Zamboanga, I was inspired by the tourist who used the malongs and other local accessories. The malong is used as a covering of the body and it can also be used as a blanket. Some other accessories like pearls necklaces and bracelets were shown. Zamboanga is rich with culture, it has Spanish inspired houses to Yakan fashion. Yet, only few people appreciate the culture offered by Zamboanga.

After watching the show, I dug dip into my mother's old clothes. I was looking for a malong which i can use as a background. I also found Fr. Chambers' pasalubong, the tubao, which I used as an accessory. Since my girlfriend was with me during that time, I just clicked away.

I hope that people will learn to appreciate their own culture. After reading this, try to wear something which is native and out of the ordinary. Our own local products are still the best. So try it on and wear it proudly.

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